Bangladesh Household Carpets: Why Rug Vacuuming Is Not Enough

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Vacuum Cleaner Running Over CarpetingMost Bangladeshi homes have a prayer rug that serves as a household carpet during non-prayer periods. Every day, this rug encounters feet from the outside — feet that have touched or accumulated debris. Open windows allow the carpet to collect more waste and then create grime from accidental moisture that it meets.

This continuous cycle makes your prayer rug a hive that could spread diseases and cause the household’s air quality to decrease.

Your first reaction might be to vacuum your carpets quickly. However, this alone is not a good solution.

Deep-Seated Organisms

For both western and Bangladeshi carpets, carpets collect moisture by accident. It also absorbs elements from dirt, grime, dust and other debris it encounters. Nutrients and moisture, and an environment are all it takes to coddle a community of bacteria. Later on, these microorganisms become bigger posts in the form of mites and fleas.

Mites and fleas continue to live in your home supported by the debris and moisture collected from daily activities. Molds could soon grow in your carpets too because of fungi.

Vacuuming could not remove these organisms from your carpets, at least, not on its own.

Common Household Remedies

wet cleaner on top of a prayer rugYour carpet will encounter stains from food sauces or other beverages. It might sometimes encounter rare but difficult to remove items such as bubblegum. It could also accidentally meet cooking oil or grease.

For any stain, soft drinks or any soda would do. The best method is to blot with a clean cloth the area with soda on a cloth. A few drops of vinegar on your cleaning cloth would help too. Using the fabric, blot the area with the stain. Afterward, dampen the spot with hot water and lay white paper towels on top of the blotted area to absorb the stain.

Applying shaving cream for 30 minutes above the stain also removes the stain. After half an hour, blot the area with a clean cloth.

For bubblegum, freezing the sticky debris with ice cubes for 30 seconds introduces rigidness to the gum’s properties. Using a spoon or any straight edge, you can quickly remove the bubblegum.

Dishwashing detergents help against grease. Apply the soap using a spray bottle against the grease and repeat the method multiple times, blotting it with paper towels. If you prefer not doing the work yourself and would rather get your upholstery cleaned by pros check out the upholstery cleaning Atlanta company.

Slow Vacuuming (Really Slow Vacuuming)

For deep-seated grime, dirt, dust, and other troublesome material in your carpet, vacuum your carpet slowly. Do not clean carpets as most examples do on television; this will not vibrate your carpets, which is the purpose of slow vacuuming.

Carpets exposed at length to vacuuming motions dislodge its hard-to-reach debris. However, this method is still a poor way to remove debris and organisms from your carpet. Vacuuming only removes debris that the eyes could see.

The Benefits Of Carpet Steaming

Steaming a carpet uses high temperatures to achieve its purpose. Carpet cleaning company in Atlanta GA often use their specialized cleaning solution, which they introduce to the mat using pressurized water. The method helps dislodge the debris and other elements inside the carpet while the cleaning solution takes care of remaining dirt and organisms.

Steaming evaporates the applied solution, the latter bringing along with it the cells of dead microorganisms and melts further debris possibly left in the carpet.


Some cleaning solutions may help clean your household prayer rug, but it only removes visible debris and stains. Reliable carpet cleaning services are your best option for a healthier home through a clean carpet.