Carpet Cleaning Tips: How Carpet Installment Affects Debris Buildup

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The infinite testaments to household carpet cleaning materials materialize because the problem of dust, grime, dirt and other debris that remain trapped in carpets will never go away for as long as your home owns a mat or prayer rug.

Bangladesh’s homes have their prayer rugs either in the living room or the bedroom. These are places of worship with the faithful planting their faces to the floor when performing gestures.

Unfortunately, the longer the body meets the dirtied prayer rug or carpet, the higher the risk of contracting diseases. Significant factors in debris buildup are often the carpet’s location in your house, the materials that create the mat dirt sources, and more.

The Culprit Itself Is Carpet MaterialFurniture on top of clean carpet

Carpet manufacturers manufacture products with nylon, olefin, acrylic, polyester, wool, and cotton. They also mix synthetic fibers to prolong the lifespan of prayer rugs and typical household carpets.

Unfortunately, the ingredients for carpets have a natural absorbent property, which makes stains problematic. The carpet would absorb accidentally poured sauce or any other substances. Cloth and wool fibers quickly snag onto debris, dust, and dirt.

Carpet care is intensive, and an entire industry built itself around these household items because the culprit of mat cleaning is the materials.

Dirt Comes From Anywhere (Even Closed Doors And Windows)

The third challenge to cleaning carpets is the sources of debris. Unfortunately, for most households, even tightly shut doors and windows still introduce dust and bacteria into the house because humans shed skin and hair indoors. Households that own a pet animal that can behave indoors contributes extra dead skin and hair cells.

Despite the cleanliness of a carpet, dust mites and ticks can exist in carpets. Regardless of their population size, they also create waste products. Their short life cycles also accumulate debris as dead bacteria decomposes.

Proximity Is An Issue

If you installed your carpet near any window, door or anything with an opening, including possible pest penetration areas (such as holes or cavities in walls and floors), dust, debris, and microorganisms are likely to house themselves in high concentrations this side of your carpet.

The proximity to these areas and your carpet determine the frequency of cleaning your carpet would need, at least, specific areas of it.

A good rule of thumb is to wash areas nearest to the windows, doors and other possible openings more than the rest of your carpet. However, it would be wiser to do a general cleaning of your carpet every two weeks.

Carpets Are Always Dirty

Prayer rug 3Carpets are always dirty because of their manufacturing material. Over time, the wear of carpets would take its toll on its natural color. You might feel the mat only has stains, but the truth was the rug is already seeing its age.

Living room dinners will see carpets dirtier and stained frequently.

However, carpets are durable despite their life spans, but it pays for rug owners to understand these household items require extra care and attention. They are more than just comforts and decors. They could mean the quality of air and health in your home.